Why Bitcoin IS intrinsically valuable…

It has been said a lot. Bitcoin is risky because it not “backed” by any government, asset, or commodity and has no intrins

New Finance: Monthly Seminar – Bitcoin: Legal, Regulation, Exchanges

Bitcoin is a hot topic in Fintech right now so this Meetup explores some of the rapidly developing legal issues around using a

Bitcoin Virtual Currency Workshop

Europe's Customer Festival Total Payments Spectogram Workshop 16 – 17 September 2013, Business Design Center, Isling

Bitcoin – The Future of Money & Payments?

After dinner speech given on 18 June 2013 to members of the Real Time Clubat the National Liberal Club, Whitehall Place,

“Bitcoin is the New Frontier” – Erik Voorhees

Erik Voorhees is one of the foremost Bitcoin entrepreneurs and has helped build some critical parts of the Bitcoin busine

Bitcoin presentation to the UK Government

On Monday 13 May 2013  I made the first formal presentation of  Bitcoin to the UK government at the Future of M

Bitcoin in the FT Front Page!

Bitcoin in the news – FT front page today http://tinyurl.com/FTbitcoin

Is Bitcoin Money?

Since Bitcoin is now a $400 million market, with its price hitting new all-time highs, now might be good time to ask – I

Bitcoin – The top performing currency in the world?!

“While other currencies are going up and down about 3% – 15% a year, I’m very excited to introduce you to my new inv

Bitcoin Rises – Al Jazeera News

“Although there is still the possibility of a volatile market, the Bitcoin ecosystem looks more promising than ever.R